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The Story

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Originally a novel, Jukebox is an erotic, melodic, lushly-detailed coming of age about two debutantes who fall in love—with each other.

Jukebox takes readers on an intimate, musical ride of self discovery. A heart-wrenching and ultimately uplifting story that erupts with passion, it chronicles the adventures of Harper and Grace as they navigate their way through their forbidden love.

Currently being adapted for the the screen, Jukebox follows Harper and Grace after they meet at age 11, having been matched in a tennis tournament. From there, the girls friendship blossoms, from fierce competitors to best of friends. Growing up in a conservative Arizona town, they live a life of privilege, attending black tie balls and spending their summers at the country club, all the while fielding boyfriends and doing their best to live up to what is expected of them. Slowly, their childhood friendship matures into something difficult to define, an unusually close ride-or-die bond that becomes more and more intense with each year.

As freshman in college, they are presented as debutantes while home for Christmas. The night of their ball, after their fathers show them off to society, they escape to a local dive bar where they experience another sort of coming out as they send loaded messages to each other through the music they play on the jukebox.

After years of kindling, the songs draw them into the fire as their innocent romance explodes into a physical passion, and they fall into a world of secret bliss. From stealing kisses in bathroom stalls to bringing boys to their sorority house, these femme lovers do everything they can to hide their relationship because formidable forces control their lives: familial expectations, the trappings of the Catholic church, a commanding mother, and deep shame about their feelings. They have no words for their love, and pretend, even to each other, that their friendship has simply reached an epic level of intimacy—they are the best of best friends. Are they fooling everyone, including themselves? Can their young love withstand the pressure?

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